Ticket FAQ

Q: Can I get a refund if I can’t attend for some reason?

A: Tickets are not refundable for any reason, so you will need to find somebody to purchase your ticket if you are not able to attend.  Note that unlike last year we will not be issuing refunds in the event of Covid infection, so be sure to make common-sense decisions and limit potential exposures in the weeks prior to your arrival at the Ramble!

Q: What should I do if I have an extra ticket available?

A: If you have any extras, please post a message to the Ramble Community Gathering Place. If you are not a member, request to join and you will be accepted shortly. We understand that some people are not on Facebook, but unfortunately we don’t have any better way to handle this, so if you are not a Facebook user hopefully you can find a friend willing post the ticket for sale on your behalf.

Q: What should I do if I can’t find my tickets?

A: Start by searching your email for “brownpapertickets.com” and you should find an email from Brown Paper Tickets with a ticket download link. 

Q: What is the procedure for buying / selling / transferring tickets?

A: The deadline for selling / transferring tickets has passed.

Q: Can I upgrade a Child or Teen ticket to a different ticket type?

A: Yes you can. Ticket types are Child (Ages 5 – 12), Teen (Ages 13 -17) and Adult (18 and older). You can purchase a ticket upgrade as follows but you must bring BOTH your existing Child or Teen ticket AND your Upgrade ticket to the Ramble. You will not be admitted if you don’t have both of them.

  • Go to https://redwoodramble.com/ticketsale

  • After arriving at Brown Paper Tickets, click on the link in the Get Tickets box that says “Enter a Password or Discount Code”.

  • Enter a code of “upgrade” and then press the “Show Available Tickets” button.

  • Complete your purchase.