Teens at the Ramble

While the Ramble is in many ways a teen’s paradise with a lot of freedom, it’s essential that parents and guardians make sure their teens know the rules and expectations we have set out for all attendees of Ramble. We have had some issues in recent years with teens exceeding the bounds of good behavior. It is very important that parents make sure their teens understand that all Ramblers, no matter the age, are expected to act responsibly and treat all other members of the Ramble community with respect and consideration. Furthermore, we reserve the right – and have the responsibility – to remove any individuals from the event who, in our sole and absolute judgment, are jeopardizing the health, safety, well-being or enjoyment of event guests or the Camp Navarro property.

We will expect that parents or guardians of teens will:

  • Review and share our BIG NO NO’s (aka Rules) with your teens
  • Set up regular check-in times with your teens
  • Set up a night time curfews for your teens
  • Encourage your teens to be good role models, especially to those younger than themselves
  • Restrict your teens from consuming drugs or alcohol and actively monitor compliance

As a side note, one of the teen’s favorite places to visit is the swimming hole with the rope swing which is downriver from Camp Navarro. Be aware that this swimming hole is not on Camp Navarro property and is not supervised in any way by Redwood Ramble or Camp Navarro staff and that area is open to the general public and not just Ramblers. So, if you allow your teens to go there, you are accepting all risks involved with them doing so.

Thanks for helping keep the Ramble fun and safe for all involved!