Stage Area Guidelines

Please review the following important guidelines regarding chairs and blankets.

  1. The earliest time that chairs can be put down is 8am. Chairs put down earlier than that will be removed and can be found behind the Owl near the fire circle.
  2. You will notice that there are areas in front of the stage that are covered with light and dark colored rugs. You can place your personal chairs anywhere except on the dark colored “Dance Floor” rugs. However, if you place your chairs on the light colored rugs, you may be asked to remove them if more dancing room is needed and all chairs must be removed from the light colored rugs before the last act of the night starts up. So, if you want to keep your chair in the same position until the music ends, do not place it on any of the rugs.
  3. Chairs higher than 32 inches tall and/or with seats more than 10 inches off the ground will need to be placed farther back from the stage than the front edge of the soundboard.
  4. You can use a small blanket (6’ x 8’ maximum) to set up a space for yourself and a few friends, but no large blankets or tarps are allowed.
  5. By setting out a chair you are agreeing that any other event guest may use it temporarily while you are not around.
  6. All personal items including chairs, blankets, etc. must be removed from the Main Stage area at the end of each night. Items left behind will be moved to Lost and Found. However, you many leave your items overnight neatly stacked behind the Owl near the fire circle.