The Dos and Don’ts of Saving Space

We understand that everyone wants to camp with their friends and that not everyone will arrive at the same time. The very best way to make sure you and your friends will have space together is for the first people to arrive to bring and set up their friend’s tents. Those tents should be set up right next to your tents. For those unaccustomed to music festival camping, the tents should be around 3 feet apart from each other. If you can’t get ahold of your friend’s tents in advance, then bring a tarp that is 10×10 feet or less and place that in the location that your friend’s tent will be. Lastly, establish a communal area where your group can hang out, including a shared kitchen space, instead of each family having their own separate areas. “Compact” is the name of the game!

What you are NOT allowed to do:

  • Do NOT take an entire “village” for just your group. All of the villages are shared use. In fact, if you see people looking for space and you have some extra space within your village, please invite them in. After all, those people might end up being your lifelong friends.
  • Do NOT spread out your gear (bikes, chairs, tables, tarps, etc.) either intentionally or unintentionally so that that you are taking up more space than you absolutely need. Ramble staff will be actively patrolling the camping areas and we reserve the right to move gear, tarps, etc. that we feel are taking up camping space that others could be using.

Hints for people looking for space:

  • As you look for a camping spot, make sure to walk back into the “villages” because many of them open up significantly once you enter them.
  • Don’t be shy about settling in with other groups of people. Come in and introduce yourself. They won’t bite!
  • Many of the first “villages” that you drive by fill up first so be sure to check out some of the camps that are a little farther down the road. Keep in mind that the route you will be driving out to those camps is far longer than the route that you will be walking back to the Main Stage area. This is because you will walk down the road that parallels the river which is closed to car traffic.