Important Info

Please pay special attention to the “BIG NO NO’S” included towards the bottom.

    • Covid Policy – It is essential that you review our Covid Policy before you arrive at the event. Ticket holders who do not adhere our Covid related requirements will not be allowed to enter the event and no refunds will be issued.
    • Limited Entry / Check-In Times – In order to enter the event you must arrive either 1) Thursday between 11AM and 9PM, 2) Friday between 10AM and 9PM or 3) Saturday between 10AM and 2PM. The only exception to this rule is if you have prior written authorization from us to arrive at a different time. The reason for this is to limit the time our volunteers are sitting behind the check-in table, directing traffic and monitoring parking and maximize the time they are enjoying the event with us.
    • Absolutely No Lining up Prior to the Gates Opening – Nobody will be allowed to line up on Masonite Industrial Road prior to the gates opening at 11AM on Thursday. First of all, there is no good reason to arrive early since there is plenty of camping space for everyone. But more importantly, Masonite Industrial Road is frequented by fast moving logging trucks making it a very dangerous place for people to stop and hang out. So, if you arrive into the area early, please stop in Boonville or Philo and wait until 11AM.
    • No Camping on Sunday Night – Music will wrap up around 4:00PM on Sunday and people will need get packed up and on the road by 5:30PM. This is a requirement of our contract with Camp Navarro.
    • The “Good Citizen” Requirement – Everyone who attends this event is expected to be a good citizen within this special community that we are creating and thus to treat each other with mutual respect and consideration. If you don’t feel that you can hold up your end of this bargain, then we request that you do not attend.
    • Food and Drink – There will be limited food available for purchase at the event. Please check out the Food at the Ramble page for all the details. Camp Navarro will also be selling beer, wine and other beverages. While you are allowed to bring your own alcohol as well, you cannot consume it in any of Camp Navarro’s designated Alcohol Beverage Control areas which will be clearly designated.
    • Bring a Credit Card – The Ramble is cashless so please bring a credit card if you want to purchase food, alcohol or merchandise while at the event.
    • Fires – Fire danger is a significant concern, both for all of our personal safety and for preservation of Camp Navarro’s natural environment. Assuming there are no county fire restrictions in effect, there will be a nightly communal campfire for all to enjoy. All other campfires are strictly prohibited and will result in the removal of the person(s) starting the fire from the event. Furthermore, you will be held financially, legally and karmically responsible for damage or injury resulting from any fire caused by you from any ignition source, campfire or otherwise.
    • Camping and Parking – There are some limited areas where you can camp next to your car, but most of the camping areas require you to drop off our gear and then park your car in the main parking lot. Bringing an RV to the event requires that you purchased an RV/Trailer pass and that you park it in one of the two designated RV/Trailer areas. Note that there is no sleeping in vehicles allowed in parking lots. Please visit the Camping page for more detailed information.
    • Chair and Blanket Guidelines for Main Stage Area – There will be areas in front of the stage that are covered with light and dark colored rugs. Personal chairs can be placed anywhere except on the light colored “Dance Floor” rugs. However, we reserve the right to move chairs off the darker rugs as the day/evening progresses and more dancing room is needed. Setting your chair back a bit or off the left of the darker rugs will increase the probability that you will be able to keep your chair in the same position until the music ends. By setting out a chair you are agreeing that any other event guest may use it when you are not using it. Chairs higher than 32 inches tall and/or with seats more than 10 inches off the ground will need to be placed farther back from the stage than the rear edge of the soundboard. You can set up a space for yourself with a small blanket (6’ x 8’ maximum, but ideally smaller), but no large blankets or tarps will be allowed. All personal items including chairs, blankets, etc. must be removed from the Main Stage area at the end of each night.
    • Jamming Guidelines – For all the details of when and where jamming is allowed, please see the Ramble Map, paying close attention to the “Note” in in the lower right corner.
    • Medical Services – We have a infirmary located on the bottom floor of the Bosch Lodge staffed by volunteers who will provide basic medical services on a 24 hour per day basis.
    • Internet/WiFi – Subject to potential outages, which do happen, there will be publicly accessible WiFi available in front of Bosch Lodge, which is where the cafe and dining hall are located.
    • Phone Service – There are no pay phones at Camp Navarro and there is only very limited cell service. Assuming things go according to plan, we will have one internet based phone available for public use, but do not depend on its availability. A weak Verizon signal is often available in the upper campground parking lot, but there is no AT&T service. If an EMERGENCY situation arises where you need to reach somebody at the event (not to make contact with friends or pass updates to them) the number to call is 415-684-7686.
    • Trash and Recycling – There will be easily accessible trash and recycling cans scattered around the grounds. Please clean up after yourself and even your neighbors who might have forgotten to do so.
    • Washing Dishes – We will have designated Dishwashing Stations. Please use these to wash your dishes and NEVER wash dishes in main bathroom sinks.
    • Bikes at the Ramble – Given safety concerns at past Rambles, we have established a set of Bike Rules which will be enforced. Please review them because we reserve the right to confiscate bikes of people who are not following these rules.
    • Poison Oak & Ticks – Know what they look like and keep your eyes open for them.
    • The River – Due to the multi-year drought the river relatively low. Also, the bottom is rocky so you might consider bringing water shoes, Tevas or the like. THERE WILL BE NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY SO USE THE RIVER AT YOUR OWN RISK. PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CLOSELY MONITORING THEIR CHILDREN.
    • Smoking – There is no smoking of any type allowed in Main Stage area. Look for the designated Smoking Area located between the main firepit and the Amphitheatre. PLEASE do not drop your cigarette butts on the ground. They not only look and smell bad but they are also a significant fire hazard.
    • Water – Water can found throughout the property, at bathrooms and campground toilet areas, and is safe to drink.


    • Absolutely no PLAYING or BIKING or HANGING OUT ON MASONITE ROAD! No exceptions. This is an active road frequented by fast moving logging trucks and can be very dangerous. (Violation will result in your expulsion from the event.)
    • No bikes on the lawn. (Will result in confiscation of bike until the end of the event.)
    • No kids riding bike without helmets and closed toed shoes. (Will result in confiscation of bike until the end of the event.)
    • No dogs allowed.
    • No campfires other than in the lit by event organizers at the Fire Circle.
      • No children under 12 years of age allowed within 5 feet of the fire pit unless accompanied and closely monitored by parents
      • Any stick that touches flame must be left in the fire pit.
      • Propane fireplaces are considered “campfires” and thus are not allowed.
    • No charcoal grills allowed.
    • No team sports on the lawn. We have an agreement with Camp Navarro that we will not allow sports because the lawn is fragile and has been significantly damaged in the past by such activities.
    • No generators allowed other than in the RV/Trailers areas between 2pm and 3pm each day to top off batteries.
    • No amplified jamming in the campgrounds (See the Ramble Map for lot more details on when and where jamming is allowed).
    • No Frisbee throwing in the Main Stage / Bosch Lodge area.
    • No bikes riding after dark.
    • No unauthorized vending or solicitation.
    • No motorized vehicles of any type can be driven around during the event. Arrive, park your car, then bike or walk.
    • No laser pens of similar focused-light devices.
    • No trespassing on neighboring properties. Please respect yellow “no trespassing” signs.
    • No fishing allowed on the North Fork of the Navarro River, which runs through camp.
    • No firearms or weapons of any kind. (Violation will result in your expulsion from the event.)
    • Absolutely no fireworks of any kind. (Violation will result in your expulsion from the event.)
    • No firearms or weapons of any kind. (Violation will result in your expulsion from the event.)
    • We reserve the right to add additional items to this list.

Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to remove any individuals from the event who, in our sole and absolute judgment, are jeopardizing the health, safety or well-being of event guests or the Camp Navarro property including, but not limited to, failure to adhere to any of the guidelines listed above.