Directions & Entry Times

The Redwood Ramble takes place at Camp Navarro which is located Northern California’s Anderson Valley. The address for Camp Navarro is 901 Masonite Industrial Road, Navarro, CA, but its important to review all the information below prior to arrival at the event.

VERY IMPORTANT: In order to enter the event you must arrive during one of the following times:

  • Thursday between 11AM and 8PM
  • Friday between 10AM and 8PM
  • Saturday between 10AM and 2PM

At other times the gates will be staffed by security only and not check-in personnel. The only exceptions to this rule are for performers arriving to play the event or if you have prior written authorization from us to arrive at a different time. The reason for this is to limit the time our volunteers are sitting behind the check-in table, directing traffic and monitoring parking and maximize the time they are enjoying the event with us.

It is in your best interest, the interest of the Camp Navarro property, and the Earth to limit the number of cars being driven to The Redwood Ramble. Please plan on carpooling when you head up to the event.

DO NOT ARRIVE AT THE SITE BEFORE 11AM ON THURSDAY. If you do, you will be turned around and sent back down the road until 11am. Be very careful on Masonite Industrial Road which leads to Camp Navarro. The Mendocino Redwood Company has a facility just up the road so large/fast moving/dangerous trucks run up and down the road regularly. So, if you arrive to the area early, please be sure to stop in the town of Navarro to wait until 11AM. There is plenty of camping space at the event so there is absolutely no rush to get in early.

Getting to Camp Navarro

Camp Navarro is located at 901 Masonite Industrial Road in Navarro, CA. Take HWY 101 to Cloverdale and get on HWY 128 West, which is the Ft. Bragg, Mendocino, Boonville exit off of 101. Note that coming North on 101 you will come to the HWY 128 East exit quite bit before the HWY 128 West exit. About 300 yards after you get on 128 West, keep your eyes out for the hard right turn you need to take in order to stay on 128. Continue on HWY 128 West through Boonville and Philo. Beyond Philo you will reach the very small town of Navarro. Go 1.5 miles past the Navarro General Store and turn right on Masonite Road, which will be about 50 yards after crossing the cement bridge over the North Fork of the Navarro River and the Navarro Redwoods State Park sign. Don’t be fooled by the small road you will see immediately after crossing the bridge. Instead, continue just a little farther until you see a Mendocino Redwood Company sign at the corner of Highway 128 and Masonite Industrial Road and turn there. After making the turn, travel up Masonite Road for 3/4 mile to Camp Navarro, which will be on your right. Most likely you will be greeted by a staff member on Masonite Road who will direct you the appropriate gate, but if not:

  • Gate 1: Use this entrance if you are staying in a Cabin, RV/Trailer (or have a vehicle longer than 18 feet) or are a member of Camp Always Get What You Want.
  • Gate 2: All others. After stopping at check-in to get your wristband, you will proceed left into main campground. Associated parking will depend on which Camping Area you choose.

You will see these two entrances clearly marked on the Ramble Camp Map.