It is not necessary to arrive early to secure a camping spot because as there is more than enough space for all.  So, when you arrive, we encourage you to breathe deep, take a walk around and find a spot in that calls out to you. There are three primary camping areas, the two RV/Trailer Areas and the Main Campground Loop. To get yourself oriented check out the following Ramble Camp Map and read more about the various areas below.

Click map above for larger/printable version

RV/Trailer Areas

If you have a vehicle that is longer than 22 feet (including any trailer), you need to have purchased a RV/Trailer Pass and camp in one of two designated RV/Trailer areas.

The first RV/Trailer area (“RV Grove”) is located over near the Cabins. This area cannot accommodate extremely large vehicles and is on the other side of the property from the main campground loop. The second RV/Trailer area (the “RV Meadow”) is located in the upper parking area near the Campground Loop, so if you have friends who are tent camping in the Main Campground, you will be closer to them if you settle in that area. Only a very limited of number RV/Trailer passes will be available, so be sure to grab your RV/Trailer Pass early to assure that we can accommodate you. Once you purchase a pass you will be guaranteed a space in one of the two RV/Trailer areas, but whether you can choose between the two will depend on availability of space when you arrive. Note there are no hookups in either of the two areas and no generators are allowed except between the hours of 2pm and 3pm to top off batteries. Lastly, be aware that there is no tent space available in the RV/Trailer areas.

The Main Campground

The main campground is huge and the farther you go, the more magical it gets. Camp Navarro used to be a Boy Scout Camp, so there are 11 separate “Villages” spread out along the campground loop. These villages have open space for tents as well as varying numbers of Adirondack shelters, which are three sided wooden structures with bunks that people can use. Please note that the villages are shared use and cannot be “claimed” for the exclusive use of any one group.

Car vs No Car Areas – The Main Campground is divided into “Front Range” and “Back Range” areas. Front range camps are closer to the music and the shower house, but you will not be able to camp next to your car in these areas. Instead, you will drop your gear at your camp using the procedure detailed below and then move your car to a parking lot 100 yards or so away. The back range camps are located a minute or two walk deeper into the forest and away from the shower house, but you have the benefit of camping near or next to your car. The villages that allow camping with cars will be clearly labeled and also appear on the Ramble Camp Map. To use these areas you will need to carefully pull your car into a village and completely off the road, being sure not to drive over or park on any vegetation. The car camping area is first come first served and if it fills up, you will need to use one of the “gear drop off” camping areas and then park your vehicle in the main lot. So, be sure to arrive early if you want to camp next to or in your vehicle. Finally, be aware that you cannot camp in your vehicle in the main parking lot. We know that some people have done this in the past, but Camp Navarro has made it very clear that we cannot allow it to happen this year.

Quiet Camping Areas and Jamming Protocol – Some people like to jam (or listen to jamming) until the wee hours and others do not. In order to satisfy everyone, we have designated certain areas where you can jam late into the night and others where you need to wrap things up at a reasonable hour. Please check out the Ramble Camp Map for all the details. This information will also be posted on the gate post for each of the camping villages when you arrive.

Gear Drop-off Procedure

In any of the camping areas that are not designated for car camping, you are required do as follows when you arrive:

  1. Find a place to pull your car entirely off the road near where you want to camp. DRIVING INTO ANY CAMP NOT DESIGNATED FOR CAR CAMPING IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN!
  2. Unpack all of your gear from your car into a neat pile next to your car. DO NOT MOVE YOUR GEAR FROM THE PILE UNTIL YOU COMPLETE STEP #3.
  3. Move your car to the Main Parking lot by following the signs.
  4. Return to your gear and move it from the pile to your camp site and get it all set up.
  5. You are now ready to Ramble!

NOTE: When you are getting ready to leave the event you do this procedure in reserve as follows:  1) pack all your gear, 2) move it to a pile next to the road, 3) get your car and load up and 4) if you are not ready to depart immediately, you move your loaded car back up to the main parking lot until you are ready to leave.

Alter-Abled Access/Camping

If you are in need of special services to support any health or mobility issues, please contact us in advance and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Lastly, please make sure you know the Do’s and Don’t of Saving Space.