Camp Fire Rules

Assuming there are no county fire restrictions in effect, there will be a nightly communal campfire for all to enjoy subject to the following important rules. All other campfires are strictly prohibited and will result in the removal of the person(s) starting the fire from the event.

  • The fire will be lit only in the evening
  • Nobody other than designated Redwood Ramble, High Rock Security or Camp Navarro staff may add wood to the fire
  • Children under 12 are required to stay at least 5 feet away from the metal fire pit unless they are actively supervised by an adult
  • Any stick that touches the fire must remain in the fire pit from that point forward
  • Flame will be kept no more than 2 feet above top of fire ring
  • No firewood will be added after 3am
  • No personal chairs may be placed within 10 yard of the fire pit prior to the end of music on the main stage for the evening