The 2024 Redwood Ramble will take place July 18-21, 2024.


The lineup for this year’s event is coming together nicely and you can expect top notch performances from artists spanning a wide range of musical genres including Americana, Rock, Bluegrass, Blues and Gospel.


Ramble On Productions has selected the Healthy Democracy Fund as our charitable recipient for 2024. As such, the Healthy Democracy Fund will receive the funds earned from this year’s Redwood Ramble to support its important work.

A grantmaking initiative of the Tides Foundation, the Healthy Democracy Fund is committed to building a more inclusive democracy by shifting power to leaders and communities who have been historically excluded from participating in our nation’s future. The Healthy Democracy Fund works to fight voter suppression, increase voter turnout, and foster political engagement to create a healthy and inclusive democracy. The Fund supports local groups working in underrepresented communities that are employing innovative and sustainable solutions to increase voter registration and engagement; counter disinformation campaigns; protect voter security; assure fair redistricting; and address emerging threats to our democratic systems. To learn more about the Fund and the organizations they support, please visit the Healthy Democracy Fund website.