Ticket Issues and Transfers

Q: What do I do if I can’t find my tickets?

A: Start by searching your email for your ticket purchase confirmation from Brown Paper Tickets (brownpapertickets.com). If you ordered Print at Home tickets then in addition to your purchase confirmation, you should have an email from Brown Paper Tickets with a ticket download link. If you purchased Physical Tickets (in other words you asked for them to be sent by mail) then you need to call Brown Paper Tickets at 800-838-3006. They will not be able to resend your tickets, but they can cancel the tickets that were mailed and move you to the Will Call list. Note that if you subsequently find your original tickets just throw them out because they will not work at the gate.

Q: What do I do if I have an extra ticket to the Ramble or still hope to find a ticket?

A: If you have any extras, please post a message to the Ramble Community Gathering Place on Facebook. If you are not a member, request to join and you will be accepted shortly. If you still need to ticket, keep an eye on the Ramble Community Gathering Place.

Q: How do I transfer my ticket to another person?

A: We do not accept responsibility for any issues (financial or otherwise) related to ticket transfers. However, here are some suggestions on how to make the transfer successful. PayPal provides a safe and easy way to transfer funds using their “Send Money” option if both parties have a PayPal account. Another option is Venmo. If not, you will have to do it by check or some other way. We will not collect any funds for you at gate.

If the ticket is a Print at Home ticket, then the seller can just email by the buyer the PDF of the ticket. If the ticket is a hard ticket, then the seller should send an email to the buyer 1) confirming that they are transferring the tickets to them and 2) include the ticket type and the ticket ID number for each ticket being transferred. The buyer should then print out this email and bring it with them when they check in at the Ramble.