Activities for Everyone

The full Activities Schedule for 2018 will be released by June 15th, but below you will find a list of activities offered in 2017 to give you a good sense of what to expect. You can also check out the full schedule from last year. In addition Activities for Everyone, there we also offer a full Kids Program.

Yoga with Elizabeth

Elizabeth has been a student of yoga since 1997, and received her teaching certification from Integral Yoga Institute in February of 2003. She teaches an accessible yet sometimes challenging form of Hatha yoga, appropriate for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. In Elizabeth’s classes there is an emphasis on slowing down and releasing stress, while also building strength and flexibility. Students are encouraged to move at the pace of their own slow, deep breath. These sessions will include gentle warm up postures, some more active movements, a brief seated meditation, and of course savasana! For more information, please visit

Qigong & Tai Chi with Linda

Join Linda Brown in the morning for an hour of relaxing, stress-relieving, and energy-building Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Qi Gong is a wellness and meditation practice involving gentle movement and breathing from head to toe. Qi Gong facilitates the unrestricted flow of universal energy (qi) throughout the body, massages the internal organs, strengthens the immune system and nervous system, improves blood circulation, and focuses the mind. It is one of the foundations of Chinese medicine and martial arts. Tai Chi builds upon Qi Gong as a moving meditation and martial art, developed from observations of nature and based on the principles of harmony and balance. A regular practice tones the muscles, reduces stress, increases flexibility and range of motion, helps balance and coordination, and reinforces calm alertness, body integrity, and confidence.

How to become a Wine Tasting Expert with Rob

Come join Rob Shaw and learn how to use your senses to understand the nuances of wine. You are encouraged to bring along a bottle of wine, fancy or lowbrow, to taste and discuss with Rob and the group.

The Most Important Thing You Never Knew About Climate Change (and How This Can Change Everything)

As we revel in Nature’s beauty at Camp Navarro, our thoughts may also turn to the issue of climate change, which poses an “existential threat” to the livability of our precious Planet Earth. Come learn the latest news about our changing climate, and find out what each of us can do to help bring about real solutions to the serious problem of global climate change.

Watercolor and Sketching with Steve

Stephen Curl is a highly accomplished artist, whose specialty is watercolors. He teaches watercolor classes at Pacific Art League (Palo Alto), Triton Museum of Art (Santa Clara) and Yosemite Art & Education Center (El Portal). For more information about Stephen and to check out some of his work, visit his website at

Jammin’ with Jack

The jams are starting up in campground and you can’t wait to go do your thing. Well my friend, there’s a few things you NEED to know. Catfish Jack will explain the “niceties” of playing well with others. What Key? Solo? Me? When? Join Catfish Jack at either (or both) of his Jamming with Jack workshops and learn all ins and out of making music with other musicians.

Hooked on Harmonica with Catfish Jack

All Aboard for a an amazing foot-stomping, knee-slapping harmonica workshop with Catfish Jack! Catfish Jack has been teaching the joy of playing the harmonica for over 20 years. While growing up in Oakland, California he was originally inspired by the Chicago Blues Legends James Cotton and Little Walter. He later fell in love with the country blues playing of Sonny Terry and Charlie McCoy. Jack is able to get students playing the simple folk tunes as well as helping students get that “bluesy” sound. In other words, “play the blues”! Jack specializes in helping students flourish in using their own unique sounds on the harmonica to blend with other musicians. Catfish Jack has had the privilege of “blending” his harmonica with the likes of Los Lobos, The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster, Western Swing Hall of Famer Tommy Thomsen and many Austin, Texas favorites while living in the capital city.

This workshop is for the absolute beginner to the professionally curious. Now is the time to discover the magical secrets of the harmonica. For over 150 years the harmonica has been providing joy through out the world. Learn simple folk, pop and blues melodies. Create you own unique “train” sounds. The harmonica has been a proven stress reducer and latest studies show playing the harmonica help maintain a healthy lifestyle. All students will need a 10-hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C major. Harmonicas can be purchased at workshop. So put a smile on your face and let’s play!

Juggling with John

Join John Crowley and Friends for fun with juggling balls!  Visit his Juggling Maker’s Table to create your own juggling balls then put your new toys to good use after a juggling workshop and group presentation.

Nature Photography with Dave Bonnot, Dianne Shannon and Tim Konrad

Join these three talented photographers in a walk around the property where they will give you tips on how to capture shots of our beautiful natural surroundings.

Tie Dye Workshop

Come join us in the Ramble Kids area to learn how to tie dye or to refine your skills! We will have white cotton Ramble bandanas and Project Avary tee shirts for purchase or you can bring a cotton item (preferably white) from home to tie dye.

And, if none of this looks interesting you can always take a hike or relax by the river!