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The Redwood Ramble is produced by Ramble On Productions, which is a 100% volunteer run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed with the express purpose of putting on events that bring people together to enjoy music in environments that foster a sense of community, while at the same time, supporting the common good. Ramble On Productions's Bylaws call for all profits from the events its produces to be used to support 501(c)(3) organizations which are dedicated to either 1) protecting the environment or 2) providing support and opportunity to people in need (or both). The nonprofit(s) to be supported will be selected by Ramble On Productions' Board of Directors prior to each year's event. For information about the organization(s) to be supported by this year's event in additon to our other event partners, please visit our Partners page.

Redwood Ramble Event Production Team

  • Steve Zimmerman - Executive Director & Event Manager
  • Vicki Peet - Director of Charitable Giving
  • Elliot Hayne - Assistant Event Manager
  • David Zimmerman, Jim Chayka & Toby Switek - Stage and Production Managers
  • Emily Martin - Kids' Program Coordinator
  • Mike Zimmerman - Medical Coordinator
  • Rickie Bolin - Welcome / Check-in Coordinator
  • Matt Quirie - Arrival / Parking Coodinator

Ramble On Productions' Management Team & Board of Directors

  • Steve Zimmerman - Executive Director and Board Member
  • Vicki Peet - Vice President and Board Member
  • Serena Bertles - Chief Financial Officer
  • Robert Hoffman - Board Member
  • Denise Hoffman - Board Member
  • Frederick Moss - Board Member