Dear Ramblers,

THANK YOU for helping to make the Redwood Ramble 2019 a success! 

If you want to check out photos and video from this year’s event, you will find them at the Redwood Ramble Community Gathering Place.  Next year’s Ramble will take place July 16 – 19, 2020.  Tickets will go on sale February 12th at 10am and, as always, people who have supported our fundraising efforts by purchasing tickets to the event in previous years will be given priority on tickets.

Speaking of fundraising, we are excited to announce that, thanks to all of you, Ramble On Productions was able to donate $40,000 to Insight-Out’s Guiding Rage Into Power (GRIP) Program. Here is a note from Jacques Verduin, the program’s founder and lead teacher, to all of you expressing his gratitude.

To all Ramblers:

Thank you so, so much for standing up and choosing to care about the admittedly complex issue of crime and redemption, squat in the middle in the middle of your music festival.

Upu and Bernard had the time of their lives in Camp Navarro.

Coming back from the trip, they spoke at length about being in nature, being with those trees, but more than anything, being with the Ramblers. They felt honored, heard and seen.

Imagine: Spending a quarter century behind walls and then ending up at the Redwood Ramble with all of you…

The respect, the special treatment from everyone there, your genuine interest in prison work and redemption, the beauty of the place, your interest in true transformation and prison reform – all of that had them on cloud nine.

I want to thank especially Steven and Vicki and the Ramble On Productions Board for creating a place for this gesture in all of our hearts, for choosing us to be the beneficiary of your good will, for your interest and your generosity; all of that is so special and makes us feel so loved and supported.

The amazing fact of your gesture puts $40,000 towards the effort to spread compassion and hold up a lamp to the otherwise dark place in our culture named prison, where we put everything we’re in denial of; everything that represents the shadow, that we lock up and throw away the key. The amazing fact is that $40,000 was raised to further a unique cause, to help reach more of those who are punished, demonized and forsaken.

We are so grateful… Not only for that stunning number of dollars but really, for your choice to care, for your choice to host these men in the way you did, making them feel like rock stars for a couple of days and coming home ready to share with the prisoners they now teach about the support that is out there, how the community cares.

What an incredible chain of events has been set loose here.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Jacques Verduin

Our friends Bernard and Upu from Insight-Out’s GRIP Progam