The Redwood Ramble is completely SOLD OUT and no additional tickets will be released.  Furthermore, resale of tickets at the event is strictly prohibited. Anyone attempting to sell a ticket in the proximity of the event will have their tickets confiscated and cancelled. If you have any extra tickets, your best bet is to post them on the Redwood Ramble Community Gathering Place Facebook page. Information on transferring tickets can found on our Ticket FAQ


Dear Ramblers,

We are very pleased to announce the selection of Insight-Out as the charitable recipient for the the 2019 Redwood Ramble!

Insight-Out runs the Guiding Rage into Power (GRIP) Program which is, “a year-long transformative program that provides the tools that enable prisoners to turn the stigma of being a violent offender into a badge of being a non-violent Peacekeeper. Not only have the men transformed their own behavior, they have become agents of change – people with skills to defuse conflicts around them.”

The GRIP Program has been developed over 20 years of direct work with thousands of prisoners. It offers an in-depth journey where participants explore the origins of their violence, build skills to track and manage impulses, develop emotional intelligence, cultivate mindfulness and understand victim impact. The program currently runs in 5 different state prisons, including San Quentin, and currently serves 550 prisoners with 110 instructional hours each to provide a deeply transformational journey. Over a 6 year period, more than 177 GRIP graduates have been released and 0% (not a typo) have returned to prison. That compares to the 65% recidivism rate for the general prisoner population in California. It is an exceptional program and we are honored to partner with them in the year ahead.

Please take time to watch their introductory video below to hear directly from the inmates about the impact of the program on their lives and visit their website for more information.

All the best,
Steve, Vicki and the Ramble Crew